Your first ride

ADJUSTMENT to you of your Cruzbike.
Adjusting the angle of the seat; assemble to middle / average settings, and to what you prefer later.
Also, relaxing in the seat you will find a near to best leg length to pedal distance. This you will naturally adjust to very best as time goes by.
Now, it is recommended to have arms almost straight, being comfortable to push forward and pull back approximately 1" / 25mm (total movement).
First Cruzbike ride.
Let's set the scene and let's say the scene is your attitude.

Be willing to follow instructions 
Key Points: Open palms, gentle pressure forward and roll practise.

Eliza starts off with the classic Fred Flintstone take off, riding the Sofrider Cruzbike.


Kim shows the quick start Fred Flinstone take off on the Silvio Cruzbike, followed by relaxed rolling.

Now on to the first time Cruzbike rider - James. He gets the Never Fail Instructions from Kim.

Sit on your Cruzbike, soft hands, OPEN PALMS, relax, facing down a gentle, paved slope, or empty carpark and push off with your feet.  Or have someone give you a push.   DON'T try to pedal; just roll let your body know it's on a bike. Try some gentle turning.

Kim gives James a push start and encourages him to roll and try some gentle turning.

And let your body do what it knows already. (Let it go back to riding a trike when you were young - front wheel drive and steering).

Ziggy shows the same relaxed approach to adjusting to the Quest Cruzbike, as Eliza and James did on the Sofrider.

Start off same as one, and after rolling some, pedal. Don’t look at your feet; the pedals are at the same place as feet.

James is given another push start by Kim, and this time he's allowed to try some pedaling!

DO look well ahead.

Your body and legs will naturally take up the steering while you have GENTLE even pressure forward on handlebars.

Kim on the Silvio Cruzbike, Eliza on the Sofrider and Ziggy on the Quest all demonstrate the relax, roll and pedal approach.

If you find it hard to relax, practise rolling. Also let's say that it is harder to relax when excitement comes upon us.
When that momentum comes in from pedaling, keep pedaling, not necessarily faster: just enjoy the feeling.

Eliza demonstrates pedaling slowly and turning in sweeping arcs in a relaxed manner. She steers and pedals through the turns.

Roll, Pedal,  Relax.

Ziggy rides in a relaxed manner, and pedals through some tighter turns on the Quest Cruzbike.

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